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My all-natural soaps are only made with high quality oils, containing all the moisture and healing properties you need for your skin to stay hydrated and looking it’s best. Come inside and find out what your skin has been missing!

Current Obsessions

Here are a few of my favorites. Click below and head over to my shop to find your new favorite.

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Lavender Soap

Bathe your skin like the Romans with this favorite that is truly a relaxation for your mind, body, and soul.


Orange & Tea Tree Soap

Get your best clean on with this germ-busting, immune-boosting, good-good promoting combo. Great for your post-workout shower or need a little pick-me-up on a gloomy day.


Goat's Milk &  Coffee Soap

The west-coast is kinda known for our love of coffee and abundance of coffee shops. Get a kick out of this luxurious milk and coffee soap that starts your caffeine buzz in the shower.


I can’t help it, I’m addicted.

I started making soap for my son when the dreaded acne started to make it’s annoying appearance. I wanted to give him some homeopathic alternatives to all the harsh chemicals that store bought treatments offer.

I really enjoy finding ways to help others with their skin care. Finding essential oils that are healing and good smelling are the only way I like to add any variances to my soap. I don’t use anything artificial and try to keep all my products organic and local. 

Check out my Process page to learn more about how the soaps are made.

Happy Bathing! 


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