Grapefruit & Thyme Soap

Grapefruit & Thyme Soap

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Coconut Oil

Canola Oil

Sweet Almond Oil

Cocoa Butter

Sodium Lactate

Distilled Water

Sodium Hydroxide

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Poured into 10" Silicone Loaf Mold

Fresh Thyme sprigs added to top.

Ingredients are all natural with no artificial scents.

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Grapefruit Essential Oil is a potent extract derived from the Citrus Paradisi grapefruit plant and is very helpful to those with oily skin. But, one of the best qualities of grapefruit essential oil is a phytochemical called limonene. Limonene is known to be a tumor-fighting, cancer-preventative that protects DNA and cells from damage. Grapefruit essential oil also contains other powerful antioxidants, including vitamin C, anti-bacterial and has many anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

What may be less known are the many helpful properties of Thyme! It also has many anti-bacterial properties which are excellent acne-fighting ingredients. Thyme essential oil is often used for aromatic and therapeutic purposes because of its active substance carvacrol. Studies have shown carvacrol to affect neuron activity in ways that boosted the subjects’ feelings of well-being. With regular use this little herb might have a great effect on your mood!*

This is a limited time small-batch soap. Get your soap on before it's gone!

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.